"Printable Social Security Payment Calendar 2022"

Printable Social Security Payment Calendar – 2022

For many seniors, their Social Security benefit payments represent their primary source of income. When Social Security benefits are paid each month can be a major factor in helping seniors keep their finances in order. The Social Security Administration has released the Printable Social Security Payment Calendar 2022. In this post, we will walk you through how the payment calendar works and walk you through a month-by-month schedule of the payment dates for benefits, including SSI and SSDI benefits.

No More Paper Checks for Social Security Benefits

The Social Security Administration no longer pays benefits by check.

You have two options to get your benefits:

First, you can choose to get your payments by direct deposit into a savings or checking account with a bank or credit union.

Second, If you don’t have a bank account, your benefits will be paid via a Direct Express debit card.

Before we get into the 2022 Social Security payment schedule, here’s why the Social Security program is so important to millions of people.

Number of People on Social Security

Over 70 million people, or more than 1 in every 6 U.S. residents, collected Social Security benefits in January 2022.

There are 62 million people receiving Social Security benefits only, with an additional 5.1 million people receiving Supplemental Security Income benefits.

Additionally, there are about 2.5 million people receiving both Social Security and, Supplemental Security Income benefits.

Average Social Security Check Amount

For 2022, the average Social Security retirement benefit is $1,658 a month or $19,896 per year.

For those earning the spousal benefit, the average benefit increased from $794 to $841, or an increase of $47 or $10,092 a year.

In addition, the maximum Social Security benefit — the most an individual retiree can get — is $3,345 a month.

That maximum benefit applies to someone who files for Social Security in 2022 at full retirement age.

The full retirement age is the age at which you qualify for 100 percent of the benefit calculated from your earnings history.

"What is the Social Security payment schedule for 2022"

This post will cover:

  • How Social Security Payment Schedule Works
  • Printable Social Security Payment Calendar 2022
  • What To Do If You Don’t Recieve Your Benefits
  • Biggest Social Security Changes for 2022

How Social Security Payment Schedule Works

If you are receiving Social Security Retirement or Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI), your payment date depends on your birth date.

In addition, If you are receiving payments on the record of a retired, disabled, or deceased worker (for example, spousal or survivor benefits), that person’s birthday sets the schedule.

Here’s how the Social Security Payment schedule works for those who receive Social Security retirement benefits or SSDI:

  • If your birthday is in the first 10 days of the month, then you’ll receive your benefits payments on the second Wednesday of each month.
  • For those with birthdays between the 11th and the 20th, benefit payments are deposited on the third Wednesday of the month.
  • Payments are made on the fourth Wednesday of the month for those with birthdays on the 21st or later.

Here is a table that better displays how the payment schedule works:

1st – 10th Second Wednesday
11th – 20th Third Wednesday
21st – 31st Fourth Wednesday

Now that you understand how the payment schedule works, it’s time to review the 2022 payment calendar as released by the SSA.

Printable Social Security Payment Dates 2022

Below is the 2022 Social Security Payment Schedule as released by the Social Security Administration:

If you find this schedule hard to read, we have a simplified version below. Scroll down to see it.

For the printable version, see the link below:

"2022 Social Security Payment Schedule"

Printable Version

Printable Calendar for 2022

For the 2023 Printable Calendar, see our post – 2023 Social Security Printable Calendar.

Here is a simplified version of the Social Security Payment Dates for 2022:

Social Security Retirement and SSDI recipients

Here is a simplified version of the 2022 Social Security Payment Calendar for Social Security retirement benefits and SSDI beneficiaries.

If your birthday falls between the 1st and 10th:

  • January 12
  • February 9
  • March 9
  • April 13
  • May 11
  • June 8
  • July 13
  • August 10
  • September 14
  • October 12
  • November 9
  • December 14

Next, if your birthday falls between the 11th and 20th:

  • January 19
  • February 16
  • March 16
  • April 20
  • May 18
  • June 15
  • July 20
  • August 17
  • September 21
  • October 19
  • November 16
  • December 21

If your birthday falls between the 21st and 31st:

  • January 26
  • February 23
  • March 23
  • April 27
  • May 25
  • June 22
  • July 27
  • August 24
  • September 28
  • October 26
  • November 23
  • December 28

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Payment Dates for 2022

For SSI recipients, benefits will arrive on the first of the month.  If the 1st of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a federal holiday, you will be paid on the business day before then.

For example, if the 1st of the month falls on a Saturday, you’ll receive your benefits the Friday before.


If you’ve been receiving Social Security benefits prior to May 1997 or you get both Social Security and SSI payments, here’s what you need to know:

Your payments will be made on the 3rd of each month. If the 3rd falls on a weekend or holiday, payment will be made on the preceding Friday.

Here is the complete SSI payment schedule for 2022.

We have first listed dates for those only receiving SSI benefits.

Next, we have provided dates for those receiving both Social Security retirement benefits and SSI.

2022 SSI Both SS & SSI
January 31-Dec-2021 3
February 1 3
March 1 3
April 1 1
May 29-Apr-2022 3
June 1 3
July 1 1
August 1 3
September 1 2
October 30-Sep-2022 3
November 1 3
December 1 2

What To Do If You Don’t Recieve Your Benefits

If you do not receive your payment on your specified day or date, the Social Security Administration asks that you wait three mailing days before contacting them.

You can contact Social Security at 1-800-772-1213.

Biggest Social Security Changes for 2022

Social Security benefits are changing forever at the beginning of 2022.

Here is the summary of the 2022 Social Security changes:

The Maximum Monthly Social Security Benefit Increase

If someone filed for Social Security benefits at their Full Retirement Age (FRA) in 2021, the maximum monthly benefit possible to receive was $3,148.

However, in 2022, that maximum monthly payout has been increased to $3,345.

This means that the maximum annual income an individual can get in Social Security benefits at full retirement age is $40,140 in 2022.

Additionally, if you wait to file past your FRA up until age 70, you can receive even more money each month and therefore, annually as well.

Disabled beneficiaries can earn more income and still receive benefits

In 2021, non-blind disabled workers could only earn up to $1,310 each month before becoming ineligible to receive benefits.

However, in 2022, non-blind disabled workers will be able to earn up to $1,350 each month.

Also, blind disabled workers will be able to earn up to $2,260 each month in 2022 compared to the $2,190 limit in 2021.

Inflation means COLA Increase in October 2022 will be Double Digits

How Inflation Affects COLA

Inflation continues to rise over the last year, hitting a record in June 2022 of 9.1%.

Here’s how a few things that cost a lot more in June 2022 than they did in June 2021:

Gasoline – up 59.9%

Electricity –  up 13.7%

Natural Gas – up 38.4%

Eggs – up 33.1%

Butter – up 21.3%

Milk – up 16.4%

Chicken – up 18.6%

Coffee – up 15.8%.

Shelter costs – up 5.6%.

Health Insurance – up 17.3%

As Inflation hits a record in June 2022, it is projected that the Social Security COLA for 2023 will hit double digits (including Spousal benefits and disability).

According to The Senior Citizens League, the COLA for next year could reach 10.5% or more.

Printable Social Security Payment Calendar 2022 Summary

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