"Why Some Social Security Recipients Will Get 2 Payments This Month"

Why SSI Recipients will Get 2 Payments This Month (June 2023)

Millions of people in the United States anticipate an extra payment from Social Security in June for those receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI). However, while SSI Recipients will Get 2 Payments This Month, there will be no bonus SSI payment in June 2023.

The Second payment in June 2023 is a regular part of the payment schedule designed to accommodate specific circumstances, such as when the usual payment date falls on a non-working day.

Here’s what you need to know about the second SSI Payment in June 2023.

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"SSI Recipients will Get 2 Payments This Month"

Frequency of Social Security Payments

Typically, around one in five Americans receives a monthly payment from the US Social Security Administration. These payments are sent like clockwork according to a strict schedule.

Most retirees receive their payments on a set Wednesday of each month.

However, individuals receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which includes people with disabilities or blindness who meet certain income qualifications, typically receive their payments on the first day of each month.

Why SSI Recipients Will Get 2 Payments This Month

Occasionally, the first day of the month may fall on a weekend when banks are closed.

In such situations, the Social Security Administration adjusts the payment schedule.

An example of this situation is the first of July, 2023, which falls on a Saturday.

To ensure beneficiaries receive their payments promptly, the Social Security Administration sends out the payments on the last working day before the weekend.

As a result, in this case, SSI recipients will receive their payments on the 30th of June.

Clarification of the ‘Second Payment’

Due to this adjustment, SSI recipients will receive two payments in June: one on the first day of June and another on the 30th of June.

However, it’s crucial to understand that the payment on the 30th of June is not a bonus.

Rather, it is the July payment sent a day earlier to avoid delays caused by the weekend.

The AARP has also clarified that all Social Security payments that would process on a federal holiday are sent earlier to prevent any inconvenience.

SSI Recipients will Get 2 Payments This Month Summary

While it may seem like Social Security recipients might receive a ‘bonus’ payment in June, the truth is quite different.

The extra payment is merely an adjustment to ensure recipients get their funds on time. Consequently, Social Security recipients should not expect a bonus payment in June.

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